Historical Elmendorf

This gallery is a collection of photos of Elmendorf's past.  The photos come from various sources and will be credited in the captions.


This photo is actually a post card from August 4th, 1904.  It shows workers posing for a company photo (assumed).  Of the workers seen, the man in the center of the front three men is the Great Grandfather of Bucky Ball.  He was a worker at the Cotton Gin during the time that it was here.

Note: If you look behind the men on the cotton bails, you will see the sides of a wooden boxcar.  Unfortunately there are not reporting marks or logos that can be seen to let us know what railroad the car is from.  It would be safe to assume, though, that this is in fact a San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway boxcar!

From the Bucky Ball Collection, used with permissions.